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Design Thinking for Children

Ufuk Ceylan & Dilek Yördem


Published by Redhouse Kidz publications, the book “Design Thinking: Breakfasts” is a book that teaches children the methodology of design thinking through fun breakfast recipes. In this book, creative thinking and the process of developing a project are explained to children with the design thinking methodology. The first edition of this book, which we prepared with Ufuk Ceylan, was introduced at Turkey stand at Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2016. In 2017, it was included in the event program of the Asian Festival of Children's Content in Singapore. 

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Breakfast Recipes That will
Improve Your Designing Skills

Cooking is in fact a "project" byitself. We can cook meals by going through the steps of  analyzing, finding solutions, planning your actions and teamwork.

There are delicious and fun recipes in this book, all inspired by the nature. Children can easily prepare these recipes and improve their skills of designing and making a project.

Design Thinking is written by Ufuk Ceylan and illustrated by Dilek Yördem. There are colorful illustrations and real photos in each recipe.

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