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+entia is a Latin suffix representing our existence in nothingness and derives/creates many new words. We chose this name for ourselves because the words associated with this name are connected to the concepts that we think about and the subject of our work, and +entia is a tool that creates new existences for us.


Some of these words, which are the subject of our studies and derived with +entia;

  • Transference (Transfer +entia)

It includes our interactive work by thinking about transparency, opacity, permeability, coexistence, time, uniqueness, and togetherness.

  • Presence (Praes +entia)

It covers our work on time, moment, capturing, reproducing, and multiplying the moment.

  • Re-Existence (Re-exist +entia)

It includes the studies from which the mythology and legends of the new world are derived.

  • Conference (Confere +entia)

It includes collective design works done together with different artists.

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